Container Management / Drayage

Container Management / Drayage

Control Your Destiny

Power on demand means controlling your own destiny and removing days of inventory from the supply chain. Gone are the days when containers sit for weeks at a time because truckers have over-committed or dumped loads for higher-priced runs.

We navigate the complexities of today’s ports with precision and tenacity. BELEM understands the current environmental pain points and pitfalls that can delay swift execution of a predetermined logistics plan. We relentlessly attack obstacles while providing efficient, proactive and passionate customer service so that your critical milestones are achieved. When circumstances and external factors derail the best-laid plans, we find alternative solutions, providing you with options, while allowing you the benefit of continuous accurate and reliable data to push to your internal or external down-line customers.

BELEM Logistics prides itself in continuously managing our nearly 1,000 drayage capacity partners and negotiating fees on our clients' behalf. Our capacity partners realize the long-term strategic relationship that we enjoy is enhanced when they are able to help us by reducing or eliminating normal accessorial fees.


BELEM takes great joy in exceeding customer expectations and enhancing the customer experience. We have a strong track record in our retail sector delivering on our promises and executing flawlessly on our deliverables to take days of inventory costs out of your supply chain. We have been called proactive, committed, eager, and reliable by our key accounts. You can count on us to never over-commit and under-deliver.

We understand that data dissemination is key and speed and reliability to market are critical when it comes to the supply chain. Although we design your solution based on need, our typical milestone reporting encompasses the following:

  • Accepted
  • Arrival to Port
  • Discharged from Vessel
  • Appointment Time / Date
  • Pick-Up / En route
  • Delivery Date and Time

Your custom-designed critical milestones can be disseminated any way you choose (system updates, excel spreadsheets, EDI, flat file uploads, or data entry directly into your system).

The BELEM solution navigates all the pitfalls of the ports, chassis issues, and missteps in communication to deliver speed and reliability to market.