FTL ( Full Truck Load )

FTL ( Full Truck Load )

Power On Demand

BELEM Logistics navigates all the challenges that a full truckload operation brings and creates a custom-tailored offering encompassing a comprehensive, end-to-end logistics solution, backed by cutting-edge analytics, monitoring, and reporting technology.

Our full truckload coverage is broken down into expert teams of specialists arranged by region with an equipment-based focus. Our systems and leveraged cost-efficiencies allow the ability to seize on market trends, seasonality, and back-haul rates from any of our 34,000+ capacity partners.

We require a stringent safety & compliance standard in accordance with the Department of Transportation to ensure the utmost levels of consistent and reliable customer satisfaction. We have amassed one of the largest capacities in the business and are sourcing new carriers daily comprised of owner-operators, local, regional, and national carriers.

Our constantly-evolving proprietary software, CommandCenter also offers a complete resource of historical data, load analytics, and invaluable industry intelligence from Transcore DAT, ITS RateMate, and GlobalTranz. We utilize actual market analysis for accurate market pricing.

Real-time dashboards, live maps, and analytics on one platform gives us the power to lower transportation costs, increase fill-rates, and respond quickly to changes in demand.

CommandCenter provides live interactive maps with the power to optimize every aspect of your supply chain by your dedicated account specialists. Extensive details about weather, fuel stops, and traffic ensure trucks are filled to capacity and loads are delivered on-time while providing consistent proactive communication.

Our technology sets our full truckload teams apart from the competition. They are truly immersed in your daily strategic planning as an integral asset to your supply chain operation. Having the real-time data and strategic insight allows for the lowest cost available and the ability to manage carriers on your behalf to tweak operational plans and fluctuate to changing demand. This allows us to be agile and adapt to customer-specific requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Our custom-tailored operations and support staff (including account management and corporate support) functions around the needs of the customer. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with unique, custom-designed reports to drive continuous improvement, create transparency, and improve communication flows.