Logistics & Distribution

Logistics & Distribution

A Nationwide Network To Serve Your Supply Chain Needs

With nearly 30 warehouse locations at present, our footprint is growing. We create new capacity in the markets that optimize your logistics plan. Our custom solution doesn’t simply bring your business into an existing facility; it designs the solution to your footprint needs based on your suppliers and customers.

We can start up a new footprint within as few as 30 – 60 days to reduce distance between your product and your clients, while simultaneously reducing costs of transportation, integration, and administration. We tailor the design around your needs while aligning with the communication protocol of your internal and external customers so that you can focus on your core competencies.

We are fully committed to providing excellent customer service, which starts with a detailed scope document followed by a ZDi implementation plan. Once the implementation plan begins, LEAN methodologies are utilized to measure, monitor, and manage continuous improvement efforts. Visual management tools, job cards, lean work instructions, cross-training, and kaizen are just a few examples of a quality system that can ensure the success of even the most complex transitional or start-up operations. All of our full-service supply chain solutions are backed by our proprietary software and dedicated account management.

  • Asset Recovery
  • Consolidation
  • Cross-Docking / Load Optimization
  • Dotcom Fulfillment
  • Light Assembly
  • Load Optimization
  • Pallet Design / Package Engineering / Package Testing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Pool Distribution