LTL ( Less than Truckload )

LTL ( Less than Truckload )

BELEM is doing for freight what Expedia and Priceline did for travel.

The world of LTL shipping does not need to be complex; our dedicated industry experts will navigate your success with every shipment. Let BELEM be your personal logistics expert and trusted business partner.

As a valued BELEM Logistics customer, you’re uniquely positioned to leverage our team, as well as our extensive local, regional, and national network of over 120+ LTL carriers to capitalize on the most market-competitive rates in the industry while maintaining the highest levels of passionate proactive customer service.

We navigate through the red tape, contract negotiations, and carrier performance reviews making it fast and easy to go online and book shipments based on desired rate, transit time, guarantee, and carrier performance. Our deeply discounted tariffs give you access to incredible rates.

CarrierRate 2.0 is the easiest platform on which to book freight while boasting the fastest automated rates in the industry. Among other features, it has full EDI capabilities, multi-carrier and multi-modal rating, automatic dispatching, consolidated invoicing, on-time performance reporting, and the ability to quickly pay invoices online.

We have deeply discounted tariffs in place with over 120+ LTL carriers. For customers with larger LTL volumes, we will negotiate customer-specific pricing programs with multiple carriers bringing even greater discounts.