Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Optimize Your Supply Chain

BELEM Logistics can manage all carriers you decide to partner with directly (including steam ship line management) to employ a single source of interaction and a consistent control tower methodology. If you choose to engage us in this capacity, we are happy to jointly create a scope document to manage your contracts, execution, and data via control tower implementation with either flat transaction fees or monthly management fees.


  • Executive Level Reporting 
  • Executive Escalation and Support 

Carrier Sales Team:

  • 150+ Representatives
  • National, Regional and Equipment Focus

Finance Team:

  • Accurate and Quick Invoicing
  • Freight Auditing

Customer Service & Tracking:

  • Dedicated Team and CSR
  • 24/7 Coverage Available

Market Analysts:

  • Real-Time Capacity and Rate Indexes
  • Expedited Spot Pricing